Live: Queensland wins a nailbiter over New South Wales in Origin I

image for article:Dane Gagai of the Maroons scores a try during Game 1 of the 2019 State of Origin series between the NSW Blues and the Queensland Maroons at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Wednesday, June 5, 2019. (AAP: Glenn Hunt)ABC News

A Dane Gagai-double leads Queensland to a come-from-behind 18-14 State of Origin victory over New South… More

If a parolee is wearing a tracking device, what information do police actually get?

image for article:An offender tracking anklet, as used by G4S, a firm contracted by the NT Government. (Supplied)ABC News

The alleged Darwin gunman was on parole and wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet as he shot and… More

image for article:Darwin resident John Reid ran from the gunman, who had turned up at his residence in Woolner. (ABC News: Nick Hose)ABC News

A survivor of the Darwin shootings describes coming face-to-face with the gunman, and running to warn… More

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